Lee Loncasty - in our hearts always!

"A great soul serves everyone all the time.  A great soul never dies.  It brings us together again and again."

-Maya Angelou


  In honor of Lee Loncasty's life all of her loved ones will be paying tribute to her on Saturday, May 17th (local time).  A lot of people are celebrating in different ways.  Her friends in Australia are organizing a lunch, as well as a series of skydives.  I believe there will be a skydive organized in CA (will post details as they evolve).  Some people will take this day to privately reflect on Lee's life, and some would like to share it with others.  A tribute can be elaborate or as simple as wearing Lee's favorite color, Purple, or whatever else is meaningful for you.

This website will be used to disseminate information  about organized events in Lee's honor.  Please let me know if you plan on doing anything, and I will post yours and others' information as comes in.


 Photo of the gang who got together in Picton to do a memorial skydive for Lee. Dave Ruckert made a huge effort to organise the jump and it paid off, the jump went really well and LEE was written in the sky over Picton.


West Coast

Moshe Preil wrote:
Jumpers at Bay Area Skydiving in Byron joined Lee's family and friends around the world in honoring and remembering Lee this past Saturday.  Our team in an informal 8-way speed competition was named "Leapin' with Lee" For those without purple clothes, purple ribbons were available, and they appeared all day around necks and wrists and streaming from hair and helmets  Carol Christian was weathered out in Baltimore, but called the DZ to share in the day.  Other friends who couldn't make it also called or sent emails promising to be with us in spirit. Towards sunset, a 10-way memorial jump was organized by Mad John, and a "missing person" formation was flown with an open slot for Lee. The video of the jump was perfect, and we hope to send some photos to Lee's family in Australia as soon as we can.

East Coast

Carol Christian wrote:  On Saturday, May 17, I and some of my fellow skydivers from "Skydivers and Mentors" went to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania in the hopes to do our memorial jump for Lee. The weather, as predicted was miserable. We passed time in our new clubhouse (the "Swoop Inn") and I put up a memorial mosaic of pictures of Lee. We spoke of Lee and everyone was remorseful they had not met her and also impressed with her accomplishments.


I am very happy to say that so many of you have emailed to say that you will be donning the color purple on Saturday to honor Lee!   As Joyce said " Ah,  would that the world wear purple on Saturday . . . HERE'S TO LOVELY LEE!!!!!!!!"


Purple will be worn in Munich, Germany and in Nicosia, Cyprus. We are linking into the circle of Lee's friendship and love, and hoping that everyone takes some time to live in the now.  J Cellars

    Links to info/articles on Lee's life:        
Women in Sports

Caroline web page


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  Australian National Skydiving Championship.
Our team won a silver medal in the 8way competition.

The name of our team was People!

Skiing in OZ!


landing in Lodi in the late 80's under her PD170 canopy.  Shot by Fast Eddie


Lee and Cat ready to fly the Blue Mountains   Picking up the new Bonanza, getting ready to fly it home. She was SO proud!!!

Little Lee


Tony, Cat & Lee

Lee and her sister Helen   On her back deck w/the kookaburras
Touring the Daintree Rainforest near Port Douglas in Queensland.   Daintree Rainforest
She was "ONE IN A MILLION"   Lee & Trish
Scuba trip to the Great Barrier Reef!    
Lee's 40th birthday party   Dave's 40th surprise party!
 Touring the Daintree forest   Lee w/Dave Ruckert during 300-way
Doing one of the things she loved!   Family ski trip
Lee w/Marilyn   Lee w/her niece - Veronica, Tony Ross, Audrey Jackman

Friday, April 18th we lost a good friend and a great person.  Lee's wonderful spirit and outlook on life will always be remembered fondly in our hearts.

If you'd like to get a hold of Dave his email address is as follows: david_loncasty@agilent.com

Lee's sister, Helen' email address: helenstibbs@optusnet.com.au

Send a favorite picture of Lee to me and I will post it on this site along w/your comments.


Dave said in a recent email that this song reflects how he's feeling lately.  It's a song by Keith Richards called -

"How I wish"


Here's a couple of songs that reminded Dave of Lee, and their time together:

Let's Stay Together by Al Green


Forever and Ever Amen by Randy Travis


  As of April 29th, 2003 there is a star in our heavens that is lucky enough to be named in honor of "Lee Loncasty".  Lee and Dave's good friends, Dr. John and Fiona have registered Lee's name with the International Star Registry.  The designation of the star "Lee Loncasty" is: Aries RA 2h 28m 50s 12degrees 37'

We always knew that Lee was a 'superstar' but now it's official.


Please feel free to contact me at skygeek1@sorces.com